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Updating partition key column

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IDRange1([ID]) AS Partition, COUNT(*) AS [COUNT] FROM IDRanges GROUP BY $PARTITION.IDRange1([ID]) ORDER BY Partition ; GO --Move row between partitions UPDATE IDRanges SET [ID] = 8 WHERE [ID] = 17 GO --Verify records in partition SELECT $PARTITION.Or two offices in the same city (from different groups or business units within the same company) merge into one location?

Hi, When I am trying to execute an update statement where i am tring to update date values emp_det from 11-oct-2010 to 12-nov-2010.The table has a global index on the transaction ID (TRANS_ID) column and a local index on the account number (ACC_NO) column.(Listing 1 includes a script that creates the table and indexes.) Code Listing 1: Creation of the TRANS table and its indexes create table trans ( trans_id number, trans_dt date, acc_no number, trans_amt number ) partition by range (trans_dt) ( partition y13m11 values less than (to_date('2013-12-01','yyyy-mm-dd')) tablespace tsslow, partition y13m12 values less than (to_date('2014-01-01','yyyy-mm-dd')) tablespace tsslow, partition y14m01 values less than (to_date('2014-02-01','yyyy-mm-dd')) tablespace tsfast ); -- Indexes: PK_TRANS – global IN_TRANS_ACC_NO - local create unique index pk_trans on trans (trans_id) global tablespace tsglobal / alter table trans add constraint pk_trans primary key (trans_id) using index / create index in_trans_acc_no on trans (acc_no) local ( partition y03m11 tablespace tsslow, partition y03m12 tablespace tsslow, partition y04m01 tablespace tsfast ); To reduce costs, Acme uses different types of storage. One of the relatively newer features in Oracle concerns the moving of rows. An early use of row movement was highlighted in Oracle8i, and row movement then, as well as now, applied to moving rows in a partitioned table.Why would a row move and who or what controls that movement? With newer releases of the Oracle RDBMS, where else does row movement come into play, and are there any gotcha's with respect to row movement operations?In general, Acme is very happy with Oracle Partitioning features, but Jane’s visitors want to know if new partition features in Oracle Database 12 can address some routine pain points they’ve been experiencing.