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Updating a file random access

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of his code, is variant by how he is writing it to disk (because it is text translation).Make the string-representation of any of those fields larger than the prior, and you're overwriting data in at least one subsequent [email protected] Bonsanto im trying to avoid using them because its something new that i do not take it in this course, i will try to use binary files, if they do not work well i will use the formatted file, Thanks a lot :) This will bring you problems, since you are traveling within your file as a binary file to then write characters on it. My recommendation: check your whole program, define your persistence strategy and be consistent with this.The program should modify or delete a specific record according to employee id, in modifying part it writes the modified record as a new one at the end of the file, the deleting part works only once and then give me a segmentation fault.

It may be just for reading a config file, or a text parser or something more sophisticated.Using file streams, we can randomly access binary files.By random access, you can go to any position in the file as you wish (instead of going in a sequential order from the first character to the last).The first four operations listed above are for both text and random access files. Random access means you can move to any part of a file and read or write data from it without having to read through the entire file.Years ago, data was stored on large reels of computer tape.As a well-known Perl hacker once said, Python’s prettier, but Perl is more fun.