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Drawing upon our interviews and case studies, we identify a number of opportunities and challenges for organizations using—or hoping to use—messaging apps for news.

We argue that to devise a successful messaging app strategy, publishers must understand regional strongholds, user demographics, and popular features of each app.

If you hate the company you work for, or if your job has you locked into a miserable situation, guess what?We would like to thank all the journalists and editors, as well as those representatives from various chat app companies, who spoke to us during the research phase of this report.We list many of them by name in a following chapter, but there were a number of others not mentioned specifically who contributed necessary background briefings and guidance.The name "Stickam" referred to this ability to "stick" a webcam feed onto another site.Anyone could "go live" and broadcast live video on Stickam from their computer, i Phone or i Pad within seconds.Japan can offer the ultimate teaching experience if you’re truly interested.