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Here are 10 things, topics, and hangups to steer clear of when you’re in the mood for some lovin’.

Speeddating stockholm dating and flirting with men lang en

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For exmple I´m looking for a film producer for production of web TV.


Jag har flera vänner som har träffat sina partners på detta sätt.

Det är klart att man kan träffa någon var som helst, allt är ju möjligt!

They liked the idea of creating something that was fun and social, that got people out from behind their computers and chatting to actual humans in a bar.

He doesn’t expect everyone to meet their dream partner during a three minute date (though he has heard of a few success stories); it’s more about meeting new people, developing social skills and having fun.

“Speed” and “dating” are two words most guaranteed to strike terror and loathing into the heart of the singleton, so I’ll admit it was with something of a heavy heart that I headed to Enkel bar in the Hilton Slussen to take part in a speedd8event. Just before it all kicked off, I got the chance to chat a little with the organiser, Daniel.

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It has all the plus sides of internet dating – the chance to meet a lot of people in one go, the security of (hopefully) knowing they’re all single and looking – but with the added bonus that you’re meeting in person right away.For the uninitiated, the way the event works is that everyone (ideally twenty men and twenty women, though it doesn’t always work out that way – more on that in a moment) is assigned a number. I’d dragged a friend along for moral support, and she was a bit quicker off the mark than I to scope out where her assigned table was.It’s an effective way to conduct twenty dates in a couple of hours, though there is a little bit of a musical chairs feel to it all. It was near one of the bar’s speakers and she was concerned she wouldn’t be able to hear well, so I offered to swap numbers with her.Fast paced action, decisions to be made in split seconds, skill and control: that’s field hockey.So naturally, these are the qualities we also expect from the board members of MESAICOS, Stockholm’s probably most dynamic field hockey club! And here’s how they reacted, in split seconds, to five key words. “Stockholm” Nils: Best place in the world to live Maarten: Full of opportunities, especially for hockey Charlotte: Nice and friendly city where I study Aline: Beautiful city with lots of nature Wouter: University Lars: Spacious Simon: My home “Passion other than hockey” Nils: My girlfriend Linnéa Maarten: Enjoying good company…and cars Charlotte: Improving health care with IT Aline: Exploring Scandinavian nature (hiking, skiing, camping, kayaking) Wouter: Beer Lars: Science Simon: Science “Occupation when not playing hockey?Det speciella med blind date och speeddating är att det handlar en ren dejting utanför nätet och att det som regel sker inom ramen för så kallade singelparties.