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Download Now The story goes that charcoal buried in the soil is stable for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years and increases crop yields.

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This error is saying "you have asked me to delete a record, but you have not told me how." the Row Deleted is slated after the delete happens.Can you indicate how it did not work (same error, different error, lbl Status. thanksits the same error on the same yellow colored error page , the error doesnt even show on my lblstatus label.Enterpreneur and Technology advocate, Founder of Hadafsoft , M. of Computer Science, Engineer, & Solutions Architect.I have created a gridview using toolbox in c#, it is able to show & sort the items in my sqldatasource, but when I change the sqldatasource as it can be seen in the below code, it displays the error "The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled" Sql Data Source search Results = new Sql Data Source(Web Configuration Manager. To String(), "SELECT * FROM Books WHERE id=1"); Grid View1. You could add On Row Deleting to your Grid View: It looks like you are handling the "onrowdeleted" event, not the "Row Deleting" event in your markup, change: onrowdeleted="Orders Grid View_Row Deleted" to Row Deleting="Orders Grid View_Row Deleting" Look a the docs for this event: you will also see that your handler's signature will need to change: new handler will look someting like this: I've changed it but it didnt work, I got the same error But I had the Row Deleting="Orders Grid View_Row Deleting" AND the Row Deleted="Orders Grid View_Row Deleted" at first and after reading about rowdeleting , I skipped that one cause I dont want to ask the user if he/she is okay with deleting the row, I just want to delete it.

Directions If you system has more than 256MB of RAM, then you should try this tweak.NET code files within the same project in Visual Studio 2005. Post ID=19445 I have an idea to take this one step further. Optware plans to offer reader/writer players and 200Gbyte holographic versatile discs (HVD) in 2006 for enterprise users.It would be cool if the IDE would be able to convert C#, VB. Much less expensive consumer versions could be on the market by 2007, said Yasuhide Kageyama, manager of business development and marketing at Optware. Literature_Cataloguing_System Entities Dim reservation Status = (From publication In my Literature Catalogue. Publication ID = (Publication ID) Select publication). Raw Url) Else If Status = "Reserved for Loan" Then Using my Literature Catalogue As New Model1. The company has developed a collinear holographic data storage s...