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Dauriac was clearly not expecting his wife to file for divorce months after the couple split last summer, and he has urged her to “withdraw” her action and go back to the “negotiating table” to discuss what to do with regards to the pair’s daughter.

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[Verse 1: Rapunzel] My hair’s so soft but I ball so hard That my bed head brings all the boys to the yard I was the caged bird singing, busting back on the scene This little lost princess is the long-locked queen Of rap-unzel, right in my name Coming back for my crown with my magical mane I’m a chef, guitarist, painter, potter, scholar, singer, dancer Knock me but like Elsa’s door, you haven’t got an answer Your snowflake’s not unique and you’re past your peak Even the silver in your hair is a losing streak I can’t believe how dumb you are, Hans took you for a sucker I’ll say it twice, you stink on ice, did I mumble, motherfucker?

[Verse 2: Anna] I’m not ANN-a, I’m AH-na, I go ham when I wanna You can’t handle the drama, slam a damn prima donna A once upon a timer I know better than momma Frozen fever so hot, I have to chill in a sauna Blondie’s only got three books and a mother that betrays her And it doesn’t even phase her that she raised her with no razor Sunflower in a tower, tricked by her kidnapper Me?

I woulda capped her and frickin’ witch slapped her You’re not the brightest lantern and your mug is just fugly The word on the street is that your duckling ain't snuggly Agoraphobic bore and I don’t know what’s sadder That you’ve never worn shoes or that you’re just a rope ladder [Verse 3: Flynn] I'm kinda like this oaf, but I'm dashing, smart and beautious He's a bigger horse's ass than Maximus's gluteus My dream came true: the girl, the castle, the money I'm the wanted man she wanted, man, the future looks sunny This dapper rogue rapper's now a royal insider And since we got hitched we are both Flynn riders You think you're hot shit?

Well, your sister was colder I'll melt the ice in your heart, when I heat up I smolder [Verse 4: Kristoff] You're a fraud, Eugene, I'll pop your head like a twist off This robber's getting clobbered when Kristoff gets pissed off My reindeer Sven is so damn frosty, Santa's like ("Damn! ") I love Anna, not her title, I would never two-time her You're a terrible rhymer, a tower and social climber You're a colossal debacle, even Olaf knows you're awful You're as crooked as your nose, I should dust you like Gothel [Verse 5: Rapunzel (Flynn)] Can I end this business?

I have my own opinion on these type of stories, just wondering if anyone else thinks the same. But really, it would be whatever the kid preferred.

Or you could read her the original Brothers Grimm versions. Many original fairy tales were meant to warn children against bad behavior, such as talking to strangers and what not, and contain gruesome details about how disobedient children are killed, as are those who speak to strangers.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. If ever story that I encountered when I was 5-years-old depicted broken homes and dead parents, I would have more serious mental problems than I do today. I have read to both of my kids.....fairytales are great.......:)) During night time rituals -the bed time story....fairytales and other stories.

Anyhoo, I'm Rapunzel, 41 years old; I work in theatre, just changed to a new job that almost doubled my income, but whew it's an hour commute. I've enjoyed reading the wide range of views here, and such humor!

After looking on some of those I found there to be some really unattractive women on there.

And I will stand by view that the person you look for needs to be attractive both inside and out.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...