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The advent of the pill and other forms of birth control, the Women's Liberation movement, and the legalization of abortion in many countries are believed to have led to a wider practice of casual sex.

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His crude approach to the issue, summed up in his infamous comment that “we’ll kill them even in the outhouse”, has produced a myriad of documented human rights abuses - but it met with widespread approval from a Russian public exhausted by atrocities like apartment block bombings, exploding airliners, and the Beslan school and Dubrovka theatre sieges.In short, Mr Putin cannot afford not to live up to that reputation now. Then, Peter’s past as a sperm donor catches up to him when many of his children show up unannounced to his house. Sick, twisted and politically incorrect, the animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family.Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife Lois reside in Quahog, R. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite.Peter hears about a luxury hotel in New York where Mel Gibson has his own suite, so he impersonates Mel Gibson and he and Lois stay there.Peter finds the master copy of "Passion of the Christ II: Crucify This," and decides to take the movie so that no one will ever have to sit through it.When the British needed a senior political officer in Basra during World War I, they appointed a forty-six-year-old woman who, apart from a few months as a Red Cross volunteer in France, had never been employed.

The monarchy, which they established under the Hashemite King Faisal—a foreigner and a Sunni with close links to the British—was unpopular with many Kurds, Shia, and nationalists.

“The Peter Principal” reminder here fans, When Peter temporarily becomes the high school principal, Meg sees his power as an opportunity to get back at her bullies.

Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie open up a bed and breakfast.

Debuting on January 31, 1999, the provocative, domestic comedy, set in the fictional Rhode Island city of Quahog, has endured through an early lack of confidence from Fox executives, an 11-month cancellation (from August 2000 through November 2001) and endless attacks from critics and good-taste pundits.

Today, it’s an entertainment empire, airing constantly via multiple syndication deals and regularly scoring high DVD sales figures.