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Php script validating forms

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(There is also a Java Script validation as well, but please ignore.).

I want to know if there is a better/more efficient way of writing it?

Connected to this perimeter are separately guarded (and very suspicious looking) “allies” including the Model/Database and Filesystem.

These inputs will be validated to ensure, for example, that the user has entered their name.Each of these allies have their own perimeters which may or may not trust ours. As noted in the Introduction, we trust nothing and nobody.The common phrase you will have seen in PHP is to never trust “user input”.if you are going to use session variables to display errors, remember to unlink/remove the session variable after displaying or else the error will keep on displaying.try: unlink($_SESSION['error']); ;)session_start(); if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") { if(empty($_POST['client'])) else $client = $_POST['client']; In your ajout file session_start(); $client Err = ($_SESSION['error']! Moreover, since you are doing the same or similar validation for most of the forms that you make, just too much of duplicate effort is spent on form validations.