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Could watching a simple television show really have this much impact on one’s emotional state?When I had started researching seduction, one of the first recommendations for new guys was to rid your life of anything that would be detrimental to your mindset.I thought of that and yes some looked like they were borderline male models, but not all of them.I’d say half of these guys were average looking at best.If they are going to own a male-oriented toy, Fleshlights are far more portable, easy to clean and use.But what about men who own sex toys for women, men who may or may not be involved in a relationship?Strutting down the corridors of the college campus and walking amongst the lush green, well maintained grounds excites a rejuvenating bliss into the young tender heart of a college freshman.

), there are perhaps some digital avenues that even the most savvy virtual surfer hasn’t yet travelled.

“It’s finally over,” I say to myself, “the rollercoaster of emotion, the grief, the sadness; I no longer have to deal with the depression that comes with a television drama based on death.” This is in my Net Flix queue.

However, despite being a good show, it made me feel incredibly depressed and over the course of several weeks found my mind filled with negative emotions.

This included songs, movies, books, etc., that were either negative or somehow related to supplicating beta male behavior.

At the time, I pretty much disregarded this advice since I felt generally positive already, but now it makes much more sense to pay attention to this stuff.