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The body parts look to be about the right age, 49, and his conversation seems mature enough.Plus, I have managed to contact Don through other online exhibitionists I have met in person.So what is it about being potentially caught in the act that’s such a turn-on?

Don, an American, says he is on a business trip to Europe and doing what he often does during downtime — firing up his Web cam and exposing himself to the world.

What are the historical roots of the motives and desires for observing everyday life, on the part of the observer, and for being seen, on the part of the observed?

Last but not least, is this phenomenon of mediatized observation just harmless entertainment, just another example of lie-back-and-enjoy-it-ism? By making us keen observers and also rewarding our self-exposure, does mediatized observation familiarize us with the idea of surveillance?

BALTIMORE — Not long into my instant message conversation with “Don,” it’s obvious there is no way to know if he is who he says he is, if he's answering my questions honestly or if he's playing me for a chump.

All I know for sure is that Don placed an image on his IM profile that appeared on my monitor when we began chatting.