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Life is great - we are both retired and having fun in our Venetian Isles adult community. Helene Kuskin Currently living in Coral Springs, FL. Though I was not close with almost any of these kids, you can see how vivid are my memories of this time. My neighbors were Grace and Herb Pomfrey and my other neighbors were two brothers Stu and David and their sister Wendy. Would love to know what happened to Jerry Sobel and others. Ronnie and I were bathroom monitors, and someone stole our pocketbooks with our collection of bus passes. The boy-next-door was Neal Dreznin, and I sat on the bar of his bike and we rode all over town. Schneider, the 3rd grade teacher, lived on our block.

His career included Field Sales with Wander International Foods and Pharmaceutical, Circulation Manager for the Indian Express Cochin Edition Daily Newspaper, Lecturer in Sales Management at the Graduate School of Management Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, owner and operator of Eastern Client Services and he was currently Network Specialist/Technician at GRU/City of Gainesville. He stayed up to date on current events around the globe and spent as much time as he could learning about anything and everything.Even after college, he never let go of his title as Captain of the debate team – there was no argument he couldn’t win and he enjoyed sharing his sharp wit and sarcasm with family and close friends.He was preceded in death by his father Vincent Ramaswamy, mother Joyce, brother Lawrence Gunasekaran, infant sister Lily and dear friend Anne Voyles. He just posted a bunch of pics of his time in Qiu NHon. Would be very cool if that was Rick in the one pic of Iron Butterfly alvis USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at (EDT) I went to the Memories page and saw Michael Lovejoy's name listed as killed in Ft. I just wanted to also mention that one of our pilots, CW4 (? Is there a prepared list somewhere with all their names and their Wall locations? I could go through and pick them out elsewhere, but am trying to save time. However, I do want to send a shout out to all my brothers of the 129th and know that I think of all of you every day! Bill Wolf Colorado Springs, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2017 at (EDT) It has been a long time and miss chatting. When Jim get to Memphis, get him a plate of some that "GOOD"fried cat fish or some of those great ribs with a nice cold one :-)))). Bruno E Sanchez Laredo, TX - Saturday, May 13, 2017 at (EDT) Texted Gary ( Snoopy ) last night.There is about 6 minutes worth with Arvn (US) radio in the sound track). Dang, wrote down numbers and have messed it up..normal for me since stroke. ) Peter "Apple" Abplanalp was killed near Denver in 1997 flying a civilian medivac. I'll be a bit rushed while there, so was trying to save some time. I am planning on trying to obtain rubbings of them, and hopefully share a digital version of them with any of you. it is very difficult to key Parkinson's slowly chipping away at my body. Were going to try and meet Jim when he get to Memphis area on his way down the Mississippi River. Bull Terriers, Akitas, Afghans; also a Pekingese and a Fox Terrier 2. Ralph Graff, Betty Matchett, Jane Chopson, Kathy Liebschutz, Ted and Judy Nichols, Diane Collings, Vince Mulligan 4. The movement true, and showmanship going around the ring. Poor temperaments, timidity, shyness, and tails tucked Back 1. Carriage, attitude, substance, overall correct outline.