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Obama consolidating power

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"At the same time the situation in Afghanistan is getting decidedly worse and the Taliban is advancing, the Obama Justice Department is launching [a plan] that risks disrupting CIA counterterrorism initiatives.

This is the last thing that should happen when the president is sending more troops into harm’s way, and the nation’s top military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, said over the weekend that Al Qaeda still remains a threat to America and our interests abroad," the veteran lawmaker said."President Obama has said repeatedly that he wants to move forward, but his Justice Department seems intractably stuck in reverse.

In an unusually candid set of remarks delivered on Wednesday, U. President Barack Obama expressed concern that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s fast and comprehensive consolidation of power could lead to human rights violations and increased nationalism in China. C., Obama said that Xi has “has consolidated power faster and more comprehensively than probably anybody since Deng Xiaoping.” While it has become almost cliche at this point to compare Xi’s consolidation of power to that of Deng Xiaoping, Obama had refrained from making the comparison before.

chief executives and business leaders in Washington D.

Additionally, China and Japan are engaged in a territorial dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

Obama punctuated his remarks by stating his confidence in the continued success of U. “On the other hand, I think they have a very strong interest in maintaining good relations with the United States.

Then he described his plan: “Right now, there are six departments and agencies focused primarily on business and trade in the federal government,” the president said. In order to merge six federal trade agencies, Obama's going to ask for something called consolidation authority, which is a power last held by President Ronald Reagan.

It means he'd have the authority to propose pretty sweeping reforms on government agencies, on which Congress would have to vote up or down within 90 days.

China claims almost the entirety of the South China Sea and is engaged in territorial disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, and Taiwan in that region.

Obama added that “everybody’s been impressed by [Xi’s] …

clout inside of China after only a year and a half or two years.” Obama, who most recently met Xi last month on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in Beijing, warned that Xi’s rise and power consolidation could lead to negative outcomes. On issues of human rights, on issues of clamping down on dissent.

President Trump has suggested that the judiciary doesn't have the authority to question him.

He was a very early proponent of nuking the filibuster for Supreme Court Justice Neil M. And he recently raised eyebrows by congratulating Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the expansion of his presidential powers — echoing his previous admiration for strongman leaders.