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He didn’t hesitate to give me his blessing to date whoever and whenever I wanted. I knew that the void that Mark’s death left in my life would never be filled the same way that Mark filled it. As I scanned through the results not many of the profiles interested me.

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Here at Carleton University in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, the school year and adventure were just beginning... I always knew that she would do something great in her life. You know, she was always striving to be better, and I think it, it was, you know, her academics — if it slipped to like, you know, what someone else would be happy with, it wasn't good enough for her.Young people on their own for the first time, moms and dads not so sure about it... The video diary she kept showed a bright young woman. But the heartbreak of lost love would turn out to be the least of it. DEBORAH CHEVALIER: She had gotten pregnant and she had a miscarriage.There’s likely a club near where you live or travel where you can strip away the formality, inhibition, and covers of mainstream society. Think of groups as a way to filter and direct your motherless experience. DEBORAH CHEVALIER: Oh, they tell you about all the wonderful medical care,how all the students are completely covered. NADIA KAJOUJI: I didn't want to get pregnant, I didn't choose to get pregnant. That morning, at Carleton University, Nadia Kajouji missed an appointment with the mental health counselor she'd been seeing.

Then add in the grandchildren, hostages held for ransom as your child essentially blackmails you into supporting their drug and/or alcohol abuse: “Give me the money or I will kill myself,” or “they will starve,” or “we’ll be on the streets,” is the implied or actual threat, yet the money does no good.

As parents you capitulate even as you destroy your own fragile financial security.

You hand over cash, even though you know it’s useless, often wondering if your child’s problem is something you caused.


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