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My computer not updating time

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If your Windows 10 clock is wrong, it might be due to your Windows Time service configuration.

If this service isn’t properly configured and running, you might experience problems with your clock.

This is done through the same preference panel: ol There’s nothing inherently wrong with setting the date and time yourself on a Mac, but if you change locations, if the computer has been off for an extended period, or maybe the Mac was sent into orbit for a while or out elsewhere into space and experienced the effects of special relativity, you may see the clocks are off as a result.

Thus, it’s best to use the automatic settings in Mac OS X to determine location and set the time appropriately via Apple’s time servers.

A workaround in this instance is to change the NTP client to update more often.

Note: The following process requires administrator (installation) rights on your computer.

You may also see clocks for additional time zones here if you have previously enabled that feature.

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Click the clock once to bring up the detailed time and date display, which shows you a mini calendar and analog clock.That is by far the simplest approach to guaranteeing the Mac consistently shows the proper time in the clock and uses the proper date and time with applications.This is the recommended approach, particularly for Mac users who travel or who leave their computers off for an extended period of time, as the latest region and time is pulled automatically from Apple servers to set the proper clock and date information.check that this issue isn't being caused by any Windows 7 desktop gadgets.If the problem persists, try changing the system registry setting as per the below.This means that most users never have to worry about setting the date and time in Windows, or correcting the time after events like power outages or a switch to daylight-saving time.