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The problem is that input type seems to be always invalid even if I put valid IP adress. It's a good answer for my problem but in general it is not complex solution because if you type in this case it returns address with space characters like this: 127.0__.0__.1 and for validation it's invalid.

I'm using masked textbox fields for my date fields.

When i select a font, it is supposed to changed the font of every control on the form. See my code Private Sub Font Menu Item_Click(By Val sender As System.

How do you check to make sure user entered in value?

Mask Completed Property Here's an example(message #2): Masked textbox for SSN.

I Needed the Masked Value, but also needed send empty string if the user didn't introduced any data in one single step. To Display String so I use the Masked Textbox with: What logic are you trying to accomplish with the if statement?

To determine whether all required and optional input elements have been filled in, use the Mask Full property instead.

In a Windows Forms application, I add a Masked Text Box to the form.

In IPAdres_Type Validation Comleted function while if statement is true error Provider1 blinks and give "INVALID IP" message else it should disappear.

Show("Please input a valid date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.", "Invalid Date Entered", Message Box Buttons.

Show("Please input a valid date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.", "Invalid Date Entered", Message Box Buttons. Return Value) If (User Date "01/01/2099") Then Message Box.

Hi there, I have a function i'm using to validate some textboxes.

However, the zip code masked textbox validation is not working.