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Fenn recently appeared in the second season of Starz’s Magic City, which is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. I love the show, I love the Butcher, I loved everything about it. I think everything really changed with the right teacher coming together, but before that I worked with Sondra Seacat; she’s amazing and very spiritual, but I hadn’t worked with her on specific roles. Then I got Twin Peaks, I did the pilot with David [Lynch], and in between shooting the pilot and the series, I met this teacher, Roy London, and he changed everything for me. [Seductively.] “Heyyyyyyy…” She wasn’t always on the make, you know? But I didn’t know what the hell was going on, because I don’t usually work that way. But it was funny, and I still remember the line, “Foot in the water! I mean, I knew it was huge show, but I wasn’t, like, watching it all the time. And when she got sober, her whole life changed for the better, but she’ll say her craziness just got crazier. ” I worked my ass off to get that role, because I think me and three or four other girls tested for it. ” This was about fucked-up people who were doing the best they could. [Dismissively.] Really, if they’d really wanted me, they could’ve figured it out. Actually, in a perfect world, that would be enough all the time. Because after every scene, the actors look at you, so it will look like they’re looking at me.” Mitch said, “I felt so bad for him! SF: I don’t think I paid a lot of attention, honestly. Life is short, and nobody was trying to do anything wrong there or do anything offensive, in my opinion. [Laughs.] There’s millions of other movies you can pick from! It might’ve had to do with some kind of financial situation, because I thought it was fun. It seems like I had to go somewhere after I filmed it, but…