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Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

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Hi, I'm stumped right now as to why my database table isn't being updated after I set one of the properties and then do a merge(). I have a business object model and an application model and I want ... I found particular problem while working with attachdirty() stuff.Here is what I have: Profile profile = profile Profile(profile Id); //Set the new image name Image(file Name); profile Store.merge Profile(profile); this is my hibernate file: public void merge Profile(Profile profile) { try { println("My value was passed!!! My links is a collection , which is being obtained from a form bean and when i process my form bean(service method defined below) and say attachdirty(*); in attach dirty i am using saveor Update() this saveorupdate() is causing merging and of pervious entries and my current form ...Experts, I want to persist/merge a persistent object tree with parent childrelationships.Here I do replace children of the parent with new instancesbut am retaining the same primary key values (I use sequence generatedprimary keys).

In addition the entity is added to the persistence context of the session.The latter allows Hibernate to determine if a persistent object needs to be updated in the database.When the persistence context is flushed, Hibernate will send all insert statements to the database, determines all required updates by comparing the entities to the original field values and sends all updates to the database and finally all deletes are sent.Check you merge cascading, you may be merging the same object twice, and only one of the copies may have your changes.Print the objects data before and after calling merge to ensure it was merged correctly.A example: Using primefaces, when I list a data in a data Table with Lazy Data Model and get a entity with Lazy Data Row Data(), I change values but nothing value is updated in Entity Manager.merge(). But if I get the data from Entity Manager without get a entity from get Row Data(), can be updated...