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Do you have to be really unique in order to get people's attention?

Should you leave your job to become an internet reviewer, even if the job is crummy? All these questions are left for the viewer to decide.

The plot is that two guys want to start becoming internet reviewers, due to how others are making money off doing it, but find that it is a bumpy road doing so.

The plot may be the least action packed of the shorts so far, but it is also the best because of how down to Earth it is, and asks a lot of interesting questions about internet reviewing.

'Game Boys' movie | Technology | uk 'Game Boys' movie.

A hapless party animal who was whisked out of the past by a time warp to the present day, Dan subjects his dysfunctional roommates and neighbors to the cheesiest kitsch to come out of the 1980s.

D.    - married 9 July 1939 DOTSON, Robert Doyle    - DOTSON, Sandra S.    - no date married FOSTER, Bobbie I.    - FOSTER, John H.   5 July 1925 - no date married DAVIS, Gerald D.

Rob is an unrelenting jackass who openly lusts after Mrs. Dolly is the most mentally sound member of Dan's circle of friends... She spends most of her time frustrated with Dan and Rob's wacky escapades. Dan, Rob, and Dolly's much-suffering neighbor who drops in with his wife once an episode. Crabtree despise each other, but they put on a happy facade in front of the others.

E.    - LEE, Otis C.   8 July 1926 - 4 June 1996 LEE, Martha A.    - no date married JETTON, Mertice    - SHASTEEN, Ina Pearl    - SHASTEEN, Alvin H.   11 July 1906 - married 11 July 1927 SHASTEEN, James Larry    - DANIEL, Royce Henderson    - DANIEL, Inice Lee    - no date married Mc DANIEL, Agnes Umsted    - BARRETT, Jessie Umsted    - no date VICK, Mary Marguerite    - 1 July 1999 VICK, Roy Edward   27 Sept 1913 - no date married VICK, Jason Scott   22 July 1966 - PULLEN, Yvonne    - PULLEN, Charles    - note: PO1 US Navy Vietnam LEMONS, Iona M.    - LEMONS, Martin H.    - married DOTSON, Jane   6 July 1942 - DOTSON, Clyde D.    - no date married ARMSTRONG, Billie Joyce    - 16 June 1982 POWERS, Ayleen   29 June 1916 - POWERS, Arch    - married FULTS, Dola Lee   12 June 1898 - note: there is a marker next to this which reads "Mary ?

Davis" WITTER, George K., Jr.    - baptized 8 June 1986 VANZANDT, Barry Wayne   18 July 1970 - DAVIS, Ella   - no dates LILLARD, Dave   - no dates COVINGTON, Leggett   - no dates COVINGTON, Billy    - COVINGTON, Faye Melinda    - COVINGTON, Hubert Sidney    - DOTSON, Viola Shasteen    - DOTSON, J.

The minute-long trailer announced the name of it as "The Uncanny Valley." Instead of a full-length movie, it will be a collection of five short films produced by and starring various contributors from the site.

The trailer spliced together random scenes from each film.