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Internet dating on gta 4

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Take Two doesn’t endorse engaging in any conduct in the game.Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, performance, rental, pay for play, or copy protection circumvention is prohibited.Niko's military experience makes him a useful freelancer for employers in the business of killing each other, and though his reluctance to carry out their orders is often apparent, he does whatever is asked of him in the hope that completing missions for other people will ultimately give him the means to complete his own.Actually, Niko doesn't have to do everything that is asked of him.Some of the websites are , meaning they’re just there for you to look at and gather info.

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That incident appears to have been a setup by one or two surviving men so Niko travels to America in order to track down these men for revenge while escaping many other people for various reasons.

Roman owns a small taxi service while living in a small apartment.

Between Roman's antics with mobsters and Niko's own ambitions, the two work their way around the city making new friends and enemies along the way.

You can shop for new vehicles online, do some banking, add to your military arsenal, or even check out profiles on some dating sites.

Some of the websites will actually affect the gameplay inside GTA 5, while others appear just to be there for information, laughs, or simply to amuse the developers.