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Worldwide, it's often easier to adopt black, Asian and Hispanic children than white children.
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Hepatitis c and dating

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Living with a chronic disease like hepatitis C can be depressing and nerve-wracking. "People with hepatitis C experience a lot of stigma," says Alan Franciscus, executive director of the Hepatitis C Support Project in San Francisco.

"It can be really hard." You may avoid talking to friends or family about the disease because you're worried about how they'll react.

The virus almost always goes away on its own and does not cause long-term liver damage. Food can be tainted when it's touched by a person with hepatitis who did not wash his hands after using the bathroom. It may be caused by drugs, alcohol use, or certain medical conditions. This is known as viral hepatitis, and the most common forms are hepatitis A, B, and C.Sometimes there are no symptoms of hepatitis in the first weeks after infection -- the acute phase.The virus lives in poop (feces) from people who have the infection.That's why it's so important to wash your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom.And public perceptions of people with hepatitis C may be more sympathetic than you think.