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Geological dating works

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In the late 18 century, James Hutton developed the idea that the layers found in rock outcrops were representations of the story of time on the planet.He concluded, the bottom most layers were deposited first, thus making them the oldest and subsequent layers were progressively younger in age.The layers are catalogued and arbitrarily arranged into a specific order (not necessarily the order in which they are found).This order reflects the assumption of macro-evolution (the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor). A variety of fossils from each layer of strata have been chosen to be what are called "index fossils".This is the basic tenet of creationism in the West.In the United States, the public debate between Christian creationism and evolution, once considered dead in the wake of the Scopes Monkey trial, is back on its feet.When scientists are able to determine the age of rocks and fossils, they can then tell a more accurate story of the Earths history.When Geologists and other scientists refer to the age of the Earth, they are using one of two methods to determine this.

These layers of sedimentary rock contain billions of fossil remains and some of these fossils are unique to certain layers.Most people see evolution and the theory of natural selection as scientific staples; now, many supporters of creationism want their views to be accepted as a scientific theory known as creation science.In this article, we'll examine the different forms of Christian creationism, touch on creationist views in other religions and find out what's fueling the controversy.First, it provides no evidence whatsoever to support their claim that the earth is very young.If the earth were only 6000–10 000 years old, then surely there should be some scientific evidence to confirm that hypothesis; yet the creationists have produced not a shred of it so far.Where are the data and age calculations that result in a consistent set of ages for all rocks on earth, as well as those from the moon and the meteorites, no greater than 10 000 years? Second, it is an approach doomed to failure at the outset.