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In 2001, his popularity continued to climb when he starred in melodramas Beautiful Days and Bungee Jumping of Their Own.

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Discover Cards: You can use a Discover card by choosing Paypal at check out (No Pay Pal account is required).

If you still cannot process your prepaid card, please contact us with the full card info and zip code and we’ll be glad to run the card through our alternate provider.

Snapchat's main feature is that its photos messages disappear after a few seconds.

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, everything is permanent. You can't be your goofy self because your goofy self might be misinterpreted or used against you later in life when you're looking for work.

The Wo TS-badge is a display of 85 LEDs which you can simply pin on your clothing. The Wo TS-Badge app is a freeware app made by Salland Electronics (Android, IOS and Windows) and is a handy tool to program the Wo TS-badge.

The Wo TS-badge can display a large variety of texts and animations. During the exhibition, Wo TS-badge can display your name and company or a funny or explanatory animation. On your smart phones’ screen, you can simply input texts or draw pictures.

As Snapchat investor Bill Gurley once said, for young people, Facebook might as well be Linked In.

Users have to be on the up and up because their family is on there, watching them. People are free to share drunken photos, naked photos, or less risque but still embarrassing stuff.

But if you do that, the person who sent the message is told you took a screenshot.

But all bets should not be off for people using Snapchat.

At least not according to Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and investor in Snapchat rival Cyber Dust.

Between October 4 and 7, 1.400 World of Electronics visitors will have the opportunity to acquire the Wo TS-badge.

Visiting 5 exhibitors taking part in the gadget project and assembling the Wo TS-badge is all it takes.