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Fico interface inconsistent fico document header data for updating

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By accessing other databases regarding borrower specific financially relevant information (e.g.,...They consist of one or more line items (postings), each of which represents an individual transaction posted to an account.When posting an accounting document, the SAP system updates the transaction figures in the accounts to which the document is posted.They write that while reliability could be based on correlational (or analysis of variance) indices that assess the degree to which "ratings of different judges are the same when expressed as deviations from their means," intercoder agreement is needed in content analysis because it measures only "the extent to which the different judges tend to assign exactly the same rating to each object" (Tinsley & Weiss, 2000, p.98); even when intercoder agreement is used for variables at the interval or ratio levels of measurement, actual agreement on the coded values (even if similar rather than identical values 'count') is the basis for assessment.Transaction code for FI documents are FB01/FB50(Create), FB02(Change) and FB03(Display).