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Johan wrote about a problem he was having with the SUMIF function in his worksheet.

It seems that when the data in his worksheet changes, the SUMIF function doesn't automatically update.

(If it isn't, then changing the data won't change the formula results.) Check the formula to make sure that it covers the proper range.

Remember, as well, that if your worksheet is large and complex, and the SUMIF formula is in a cell that is above your data table, it is possible that you may need two calculation passes to update the SUMIF function. Because when you calculate a worksheet, Excel basically calculates the cells from left to right and top to bottom.

All our files are saved on a shared server (I suspect this may be a server problem, not an Excel or computer problem) and we use Excel 2007.

If I do not group all of the many text boxes and shapes together, then copy the sheet to a new sheet, the text box updates when the referenced cell is changed - works properly. Then select the text box and set the function equal to itself and Excel corrects it.

If I copy the group and paste it onto the same sheet or different sheet, the text box updates properly with the referenced cell. It looks like that when it is copied, excel turns it into text by removing the space after the equals sign in the formula bar.

It's not unusual for us to run a model that references back to 20 other Excel files.

Anyway, I put together a pretty simple spreadsheet where a single cell will reference one other file, very simple.