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In 2005, that number was up to seven percent of the 59 million marriages in the United States. “Some of the growth can be accounted for by declining societal prejudice towards – and less shame experienced by – people in interracial marriages”, says .
If, in the year AD 1600, you had asked an educated European how old the planet Earth was and to recount its history he would have said that it was about 6000 years old and that its ancient history was given by the biblical account in Genesis.

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that usually redirects the browser to a malicious URL or implements a specific exploit." Trojan infections can expose the computer to ransomware and end up locking your files. Whats App users are advised to log into their accounts the standard way to check for any messages.The world was shaken by Michael Jackson's tragic death back in 2009.

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But now thousands of people are preparing for their worlds to be shaken once again, after being led to believe the beloved singer is actually still alive and well.

Commenting on a spooky car selfie posted by his daughter Paris Jackson, 18, many are now claiming that the shadowy form on the backseat behind her is actually the resurrected King of Pop.

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