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He was one of the biggest boy band stars in the world, and she was the planet's most famous socialite, but the one-year romance between Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Paris Hilton didn't have a happy ending.

On last night's , a viewer wanted to know if Carter had talked to Hilton since he wrote about her in his book (in which he described her as a bad influence). I actually came from a sort of lower-middle-class family, I wasn't really born into money." Suzanne Somers, the show's other guest, pipes in with an observation: "She has a lot of clothes," to which Carter quips, "Does she?

They held hands on their way to the terminal and made googly eyes at each other as they waited to board. Hilton has yet to give any interviews or public declarations of love about her new man, but stay tuned on Twitter for updates about their relationship. After Afrojack, Paris had been seen this summer with that unknown guy in St Tropez River Viiperi I thought River was dating Sara Sampaio as well since he recently tweeted a picture of them both. He didn't strike me as the classiest guy around anyway.

Yeah, I cannot see this lasting for much longer either. I'd love to know what River thinks about it, since most of his fans have no doubt taken offense. As much as I like Paris, she's over in terms of being a socialite. Anyway, I think Paris & River are dating since NYFW.