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Dating mossberg rifles

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Paw-in-law has gotten ahold of an old Mossberg .22 rifle and wants to know how old it might be.

Hammerless, takedown, 22 lr,l,s, tubular magazine, holds (14)lr, (16)l, (20)s.

I emailed Mossberg, giving the serial number and asking for the date of manufacture. I recently bought two Mossberg 500 12 gage shotguns.

I got this email back within a day: Thank you for your e-mail. If you need accessories or service please contact us directly at 1-800-363-3555. I paid 5 for one new including shipping and transfer fee, and I paid 0 for the other one used, but in like new condition including shipping and transfer fee. Without a picture or three, valuing the shotgun is problematical.

Fine Spencer M-1865 Repeating Rifle, Post-War Alteration by Springfield Armory. Click for more info Unaltered Spencer Model 1860 Saddle Ring Carbine, Early production serial number range 12, XXX puts this Spencer with the first Government contract delivered October 1863. Click for more info Spencer Model 1865 Carbine 50 Caliber 15-108 Condition: Barrel has 80-90% original dark blue finish, and frame is fairy clean with some corrosion on top. Click for more info Spencer Carbine, 1860 model manufactured in 1863, original barrel is sleeved to 3 groove and has a typical dark bore, I would rate it about a 4. Click for more info Serial #395, .50 Spencer RF, 22” barrel with an excellent, bright, three-groove bore. Click for more info SPENCER SPECIAL ORDER POSSIBLY A PRESENTATION RIFLE, 50 cal., rare 44” rd. It has the normal Spencer marking on the top of the receiver bridge.

Features 32" round barrel on full length walnut stock secured by two barrel bands, military ladder rear sight with ... This is a Stabler cut-off equipped carbine that was converted to a two-band rifle by the U. bbl., fancy burl wood stock, 2 presentation plates, one is in the shape of a Spencer cartridge on the left side “ ...