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SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: sedentary settlement, sedentary lifestyle CATEGORY: term DEFINITION: A way of life in which people remain settled in one place throughout the year; permanent settlement at one location.

It is settlement based in a single location rather than involving moving camp at regular intervals.

Calagione believes the collaboration with businesses like these distinguishes the Dogfish Head brand.

Dogfish Head tends to produce experimental or "extreme" beers, such as the tongue-in-cheek "Liquor de Malt", a bottle-conditioned malt liquor, which typically comes in a Dogfish Head brown paper bag.

CATEGORY: culture DEFINITION: The second of two Arab dynasties of the Muslim Empire of the Caliphate (caliphs = rulers) and descended from al-Abbas, uncle of the Prophet Muhammad.

Museums that exist only in cyberspace (i.e., virtual museums) are not included. Click on the small boxes next to any heading title to reorder the list (in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order) by that category.

Follow My 40 Day Pottery Challenge Pottery Videos Tools for Pottery Tips & Techniques for Pottery and Ceramics Clay Pottery Craft Projects Clay Pottery Articles of Interest Old Time Pottery History Pottery and Ceramics Featured Potters Gallery Pottery and Ceramics Definitions All About The Clay All About Pottery Glazes Fascination With Pottery Differences Between Pottery and Ceramics Identifying Pottery Treasures Pottery Identification Dating Pottery Types Of Pottery Selecting Pottery Supplies Works of Famous Potters Pottery and Ceramic Hangtags Registration Marks Ceramic Lose United States Pottery Marks A Thru C United States Pottery Marks C Thru L United States Pottery Marks L Thru R Pottery and Ceramic Trademarks Some Things I Wish I Had Done From The Start! Pottery Signature Stamps Recognizing Pottery Defects Planting Your Pottery Incredible Paperclay Choosing the Perfect Pot Fired Arts, Find Out More The Legend of the Willow Plate The Willow Poem Facination with Horsehair Ceramic Earthenware Pottery Care Pottery Photography Therapeautic Pottery for Children Landscaping with Pottery Every picture tells a story, Like the Willow Pattern Plate, Where two lovers dwell in glory, And defied paternal hate.

By elopement from the castle You observe upon the ridge, Where the violent old rascal Chases them across the bridge.

Dogfish Head products often use non-standard ingredients, such as green raisins in the "Raison D'Être".

Some beers, including the World Wide Stout, 120 Minute India Pale Ale, and the raspberry-flavored strong ale Fort, are highly alcoholic, reaching 18% to 20% alcohol by volume (typical beers have around 3% to 7% alcohol by volume).