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Dating a recovering alcoholic first year

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In some cases, being drawn to unhealthy sexual or romantic relationships in the early stages of recovery is part of a larger problem.

The simple fact is both drugs and sex stimulate the same basic rewards circuitry in the brain.

Another vital step in the early weeks is to find a sponsor by attending a few different meetings and seeing how you relate to various individuals.

When an individual can’t refrain from having sex or beginning a romantic relationship for the 30-plus days required in drug rehab, it can be a sign of an underlying love or sex addiction. While drugs may be the most obvious object of addiction, when they are taken away the individual may quickly find another “high” in sex or relationships.

Clients who pursue romantic relationships during drug rehab often find themselves missing out on the healing work of treatment.

It was toxic from the get-go and still, we stayed together for the security of having a relationship…and ended up hurting each other a lot. We both should have been single and working on ourselves for a long time before even thinking of dating.

Recovery can be challenging at times, so don’t be too quick to bring romance into it.