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Amateurs and hobbyists who could very well be your neighbor or your baker!
Clementi eventually found out, after Ravi posted about the webcam incident on Twitter.

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My friend said that he even made her call him Jesus while they were doing it. So, one time Jared was having this barbecue, and a bunch of my friends got to go (they're models and stuff), and they told me all about it.

I was pissed I didn't get to go but I was like 14 so I wasn't invited.

Jared was cooking vegan hotdogs because he's totally into animal rights, and he doesn't believe in eating meat, but I guess he still likes hotdogs.

Want to meet those who love the language as much as you do? Come and join our English learning community CHATROOM - a place for those in love with English!

Some boys at school thought he was going gay but I knew it was just wishful thinking.

Recently, GQ named him the worst dressed man in the world. Now he is refusing to shave and dressing like a total tree-hugging hippy.

The tattoos and the teeth seem a bit much, but we will have to see how it all pans out on the big screen.

OMG Jared Freakin' Leto is my favorite celebrity of all time.

Alia is in love with Paul, so she arranges for him to chance upon her when she has no clothes on.It’s a printable that says “Don’t try the waffles, they’re terrible.” More INFO: AM Crystalinne left the chat AM Crystalinne joined the chat AM Darryl Asher joined the chat AM Darryl Asher: T- MINUS 1 hour! He made it feel like we had been friends for years. PM Darryl Asher: If you are at the theater today, please be sure to chat with us in a distracting and obvious manner so Jimmy will yell at you and me so I get my obligatory shoutout. PM Crystalinne: I’m also tweeting and giving away free printables!! PM luvrhino: And your good piece of business PM Crystalinne: Mmm, good waffles… PM Zim Zam: I’m being told PM Kid Beatnix: Just got my waffle poster. PM Katie D joined the chat PM Darryl Asher: pcatdaddy69… PM shane joined the chat PM Robb joined the chat PM Robb: Hey everyone. PM Ezra joined the chat PM monkeyrich joined the chat PM Shippy joined the chat PM Griffin joined the chat PM Shippy: what’s up, jerks? PM Raffi joined the chat PM Shippy: and everybody walk out to go to Superego at the same time PM Jon Hamms John Ham joined the chat PM Darryl Asher PM Click to view original image (4x larger)Click to hide image thumbnail. PM Carlton joined the chat PM Darryl Asher: We have video! PM Dan Bookbinder joined the chat PM Ben Bresulla: So far so good PM Carlton: I’m guessing this text I just got about the Pardcastathon is directly from Jimmy. PM Karmyn: Yup PM Stephanie joined the chat PM Dan Bookbinder: Kindlepublisher PM Darryl Asher: My video is freezed. PM Kevin joined the chat PM Mike left the chat PM Kevin joined the chat PM Darryl Asher: ———————- Rob Corddry—————–​—— PM Darryl Asher: (For notes later because Gannon’s notes during PCAT are like Mel’s waffles.) PM Shannon joined the chat PM Typer joined the chat PM Tim B joined the chat PM Typer: she did PM Tim B: Hello everyone PM Court: I feel like I’m missing out on a bit because I can’t watch the video at work, only the audio! All time stamps are MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, the official Most Hated Time Zone for Never Not Funny. PM Court: My audio is touch ahead of the video as well. PM Debbie: If it sells right away they might put up another PM luvrhino: I bid .69, because I like losing. PM Karmyn: I like passive aggressive Scott PM Typer: Give Charityman PM Amanda E: No but Scott. PM Typer: Meet Africanman PM Darryl Asher: Fake IFB man PM Typer: musical chairs PM Debbie: Who is it? PM Greg K.: Good gravy, I’ve been trying everything! PM Darryl Asher: Is that all I can help you with, annnnnddddd??? XD PM rachel-h: a wellspring of bits PM Marie: lol wellspring of bits PM Darryl Asher: I’m a helper PM Pelkey! PM Padraic: Anytime, Shane – i’m 10 minutes away from the nearest Primanti’s PM Greg K.Erin: I can only assume this is a very important chat roon AM Padraic joined the chat AM Padraic left the chat AM Margaret Cross was timed out AM Becca Lynn joined the chat AM Cardimum joined the chat AM Raffi joined the chat AM Raffi: Never Not Chatzy! Just think, you may not have to deal with that charity any more PM Debbie: Darryl LOL PM sarah the PI: is the audio really low for anyone else? PM Mike joined the chat PM Debbie: Yeah, I turned my TV volume up to 69 PM luvrhino: I would have got to sleep-in past this morning… PM ninshark: Yep, audio is super quiet PM Darryl Asher: Audio is a bit low and boomy low tones for me. PM sarah the PI: ah PM sarah the PI: oh louder now! PM Griffin joined the chat PM luvrhino: Eliot, get some screen time, get down there, move Jimmy’s microphone. PM Debbie: Sounds good on my TV, maybe a benefit to an old tv? PM Court joined the chat PM TK joined the chat PM Darryl Asher: Gannon!!! PM Kevin joined the chat PM Kevin joined the chat PM Debbie: love the guest graphics! PM Mike Newman: Yeah, that should get WAY more than that. PM Jon Hamms John Ham: This took a turn PM Typer: who is that? joined the chat PM luvrhino: PM Amanda E: Just tried PM luvrhino: Nothing PM Amanda E: So sad. PM scott (smawj) joined the chat PM Andrew: Whos going to buy that one first PM Greg K.: Jeez, this is like a BIT-ception . joined the chat PM Shane: Primanti’s…thank you PM Zim Zam: My birthday is this month too Darryl.I remember when Jared was in My So Called Life as Jordan 'Can't Read' Catalano, and I used to buy Teen Tiger Beat magazines just so I could put his pictures up in my locker.