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— Henry David Thoreau One of the most beau tiful and intelligent actresses in the Philippines is 27-year-old Heart Evangelista of GMA 7. Kung kaya ng schedule ko (if possible with my schedule), I work out every day, if not, every other day. I also take a lot of vitamins such as multi-vitamins, vitamin C and others. Sometimes we’re on the phone talking for three hours. She cracks jokes with me, I talk to her about my friends, about my being single, my love life, etc. She describes me as being “like a waif,” that I’m very helpless and very naïve about a lot of things. My God, nothing…anything and everything under the sun. I think he’s brilliant yet he’s also a down-to-earth guy.
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Gingerich’s own memoir, “Runaway Amish Girl: The Great Escape,” documents her departure from the Amish, the only life she’d ever known, on a cold January day back in 2006.

It was okay being Amish, she said, until it wasn’t – until she finished her schooling at age 14 and spent her days at home, weaving baskets and watching her younger brothers and sisters.

In the early 1980s several church districts in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Ohio split from the Swartzentruber church districts elsewhere because of disagreements over shunning ("Bann und Meidung").Join our investigation into the lives of the secluded Amish.The Amish live as though it’s the 1800s, this means they tend to their fields with horses and handmade tools applicable to that time.The Swartzentruber Andy Weaver group should not be confused with the Old Order Andy Weaver group.In this three-way split the Andy Weaver group is the most conservative while the Joe Troyer group is at the other end of the spectrum, leaving the Mose Miller group somewhere in between.Miller and Sherry Gore’s memoir, scheduled for release next month, “The Plain Choice: A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life.” And then there is a string of new titles released in the past year hinting there might be more to the story than sweetness and simplicity – memoirs by those who have left the Amish.