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For private chats, we know some folks use Skype, others use IRC.

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Location: Lake Calhoun, Lake Calhoun Executive Center Address: 3033 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416 Google Map Link for directions: The course follows the Lake Calhoun Parkway road around the lake (not the trail).

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When he was 17 he came to the United States, landing in Boston at the time of the San Francisco earthquake, sometime after that making his way to Sacramento where he went to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Many groups participate in support of a particular family member, a cause, org or workplace.

Others participate to compete in a certified 5K or just to enjoy a nice run or walk around Lake Calhoun.

He was brought home, throwing up blood from a punctured lung. Other children, in addition to Elsie, were Manuel Garcia, who lived in Sacramento, married Mary Machado and then, when widowed, married Eleanor Avila.

Manuel Machado used to hang out at the store at 5th and T Streets owned by Goldie Dias and her father, where the young men would talk, drink, and sometimes box with each other in the alley.