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A woman39s interest level dating

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A man can only raise her initial interest level provided she has a high enough attraction to him.

Doc Love rates a woman’s interest level on a scale of 0-100%, with 0% being totally indifferent and 100% being so madly in love she would take a bullet for you.

We wrote about some of these common indicators in our 6 common indicators of interest article; however, sometimes an even better way to gauge interest is to actively try to elicit an indicator of interest (or disinterest).

Does she get even closer or reciprocate your touch?From our 6 common indicators of interest article, you should know that if she is receptive and especially if she reciprocates touch she is likely interested.Another way to elicit a touch is to call her out in a joking matter if she says anything to you that can possibly be construed as insulting or Basic Instinct Alright, I am about to divulge four words that I guarantee will raise the interest level of a girl.If this girl has even the slightest romantic interest in you, these words will immediately raise it, and, if the proper follow-up is used, they will lead to sex. But subconsciously what she is really going to be thinking is, "Why aren't I turning him on?I'm looking for something (pause) a little more challenging and different.